Your Child Will be an Awesome Adult When They do Yoga: Here’s Why


Our primary job as parents is to guide children to be good adults. Giving them space to figure things out is essential but they do require a bit of hand-holding from time to time. You want your kids to be confident, courageous and generally good people when they grow up. You want them to take care of their health and avoid any unnecessary self-destruction.

Many adults do yoga and they have experienced the benefits that come from it. Kids too can gain a lot of valuable benefits from yoga. They can avoid a lot of mistakes through adolescence and become adults with a great deal of depth. Here are just some of the reasons that your kids will end up being awesome adults when they do yoga.


The yoga that is specifically for kids is pretty cool in that they learn poses as though they are animals. It’s been developed this way to teach kids how to be more creative. We are not all good with an instrument or a paint brush. Kids learn to express themselves through their body when they do yoga at a young age.

Yoga poses for kids to build mental muscle so they become more innovative and creative. They can shift their attention to creativity after yoga and are more inclined to pick up puzzle pieces.

Sense of Self

Can you imagine knowing at a very young age what you stand for? Some kids have this natural ability whereas some need to develop it. Yoga is extremely helpful in getting kids to sit with themselves and begin to look at who they really are. We as adults almost have to de-evolve to get a sense of who we are. We lost the childlike mind that really is our true self.

When you get kids involved in yoga at a young age, they don’t have all the layers of events covering up their true selves. It’s easier for them to keep in mind who they really are. The dreams of being a firefighter, a ballerina, or an astronaut don’t have to die. If they develop their skills through yoga and sit with themselves at a young age, it is easy for them to keep this into adulthood. This alleviates a lot of floundering as an adult. When you know who you are, you know what you want and allow life to unfold in a way that is without resistance.

The Ability to Relax from a Young Age

Girl with eyes closedMany of the afflictions we have within us as adults came from experiences or habits developed as children. So what if a child is taught from a very young age how to relax? With such a high amount of children experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders at a young age, it’s important to give them tools at a young age.

Being an adult comes with its stresses but if a child is brought up with all the tools to relax even in chaos, they will be able to tap into it anytime.

They Learn Self-Care

Yoga makes us feel good and when we have that feeling, we don’t want to do anything to disturb it. Kids are intuitive and when they begin to feel bad about something, they will likely look to switch that around quickly. Through the practice of yoga, they will learn to care for themselves. When they do something that makes them feel terrible, they are more conscious about it.

The more a child knows what it is to feel good, the more likely they are to chase the good feelings. They are less likely to watch too much T.V. and more likely to get outside and be active. This makes a child feel good and is a great way to develop a habit that will stay with them into adulthood. Offering yourself love and care means doing fewer things that are harmful. By the time a child can make their own choices, they will be good ones.

Kind and Compassionate

Without all the anger, sadness, and confusion that comes when you don’t treat yourself right, there is space to become kind and compassionate. Yoga teaches us to care about ourselves and also to look outward, showing compassion to others. When they become adults, they’re more likely to take on compassionate projects that help others.

Kids are like sponges; they take everything in and learn a great deal. By giving them the knowledge that comes from yoga as well as the general feeling of the practice, kids can become amazing adults. They are more together and have a greater knowledge of self. They are less likely to live in an unhealthy way and will never forget the lessons they learned through the teachings of yoga.

Meera WattsMeera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga.




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  1. What a well-written post, Meera. Thank you for sharing your insights about kids and yoga. I am a new yoga practitioner, but I rarely see family oriented yoga classes. I would love to bring my nephew with me to yoga, and share the benefits with him. I never considered the value of learning how to relax, but it’s true! So much of my adult anxiety might have been avoided if I’d learned some relaxation and self-care techniques in childhood. Thank you to The Mind Centre for posting Meera’s article!

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