When You Don’t Have a Mum for Mother’s Day


Whilst many mum’s will be tucked up in bed hoping for a sleep in, getting bombarded by their kids with hand-made presents and hopefully some breakfast in bed cooked by their hubbies in what will probably be not as relaxing a day as the TV ads claim, spare a thought for a a few groups of people who may not be having the best of days.

Some people get upset about not having a partner on Valentine’s Day, however, there are people who don’t have a mum on Mother’s Day. It’s a sad reality that our parents will pass away, for some people it can happen in their childhoods, for other’s it may be a more recent event. Holidays have a habit of making our losses hit harder when such a quintessential absence is felt. Coping with loss is a difficult part of life and although the initial intense grieving may pass, days like Mother’s Day can knock the wind out of you.

For some people a Mother may be someone they never knew or don’t remember, or worse wish they could forget. Abandonment, abuse and mistreatment from the person who was meant to protect and love you the most can be traumatic. Whilst many people grow from hard upbringings to be happy, successful and well adjusted people, don’t forget it’s ok to talk to someone about your feelings whether it be a friend or a counsellor.

On the other end of the spectrum there are many Mother’s who may be feeling hardships today. Mother’s who have lost children, women who have miscarried, single mothers, and single father’s too and those experiencing rifts in their relationships with their children.

Most people these days don’t have a picturesque family, but many of us make loving networks of relations and friends that are just as significant in our lives. Take some time this Mother’s Day to think of all the important women in your life. If you are experiencing a difficult time chat to your loved ones and friends and reach out to those who may need a bit of support today.

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