How to tell if someone is not being honest with you: Body Language edition


lying-touching-faceBody language is something that can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. It all depends on you. Do you have an unbeatable poker face? Can you tell how people around you feel?
Some can tell whether the other person is in love, stressed, hiding something or if they would rather be anywhere but here just by looking at body signs. Are you a bit sceptical? There is even a whole study called kinesics devoted to observing and learning about what your body is saying to the outside world.
Body language is especially useful when it comes to honesty. There are so many indicators that could help you in tricky situations. If your natural senses are not the sharpest you can use these tips to tell if the person standing in front of you is really that innocent.
1. When coming up with a lie, people tend to make sudden head movements. This usually happens at the point of the expected answer so look carefully.
2. Lying is so hard it might get you out of breath. Scientists have found that lying changes your breath because your blood pressure climbs and your heart starts racing.
3. The way you walk could give away that you are not being true. Most people are concentrated on their facial expression while the lower body is giving them away.
4. Fight or flight responses. When people are stressed they tend to wriggle but the opposite response is also something to keep in mind. People who are completely still are almost trying to fight their every natural instinct.
5. Look out for extreme gestures. A liar might become aggressive or defensive therefore they will try to make a bigger impact with pointing.
6. Another sign of lies is eyes that just can’t focus at one point. A dishonest person is likely to quickly change their eye focus from one side to another. Besides, this can be accompanied by excessive blinking.
7. Right handed people, in particular, tend to look up and to the right when they are lying. There is research that proves that people who look upward left are accessing their memories while the ones looking upward right are accessing imagination.
8. The good old reflex of covering your mouth is a good sign of lies. You can even say that people are literary trying to hide something.
9. On the same note, people can reflexively try to cover other vulnerable body parts such as heart, neck or abdomen.
10. Maybe funny but true, people’s faces tend to get itchy when they lie, so liar’s hands are often touching face.
These are just very few of the body signs that can unmask a liar, and there are so much more. You could argue that really anything could be a sign of lies and that is true to a point, but you have to keep in mind the situation. If you know the person well enough, you might have an easier time to tell whether or not they are being honest, because you know what their “normal” looks like.
So don’t be fooled! Look out for actions that differ from normal, but maybe don’t go around accusing everyone who touches his face in lies. It might just be an itch.

Guest Blogger: Madara is a Media University student who loves everything about productivity and self-development.

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