Spending Time Outdoors for a Happier You


Walkin in natureCan you remember the last full day you spent outside, at the beach, going hiking, having a BBQ or just playing with the kids at the park? Happy memories? There’s a good reason for that: spending time in nature is good for us! If you think about where humans came from, it’s not too surprising that our current lifestyles working 9-5 in fluorescent lit offices, breathing in air-con and heading home to semi-darkness to stay inside for another 12 hours is leaving us feeling unwell.

Nature provides us with so many health benefits right outside our door and entirely free of charge. Physical benefits include getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, which comes from spending time in the sun and can help fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and arthritis and depression. Getting some fresh air in comparison to recycled and artificial temperatures is so much better for you and the further you get into deep nature such as through bush walks or camping, the clearer the air becomes. Getting off the couch and heading outside is also a great way to keep fit. There’s so many fun and free ways to be active; running, group sports, bike riding, gardening, walking, swimming. Kids love the outdoors, rather than letting them spend their free time on technology take them to a local park or playground and spend some quality time.

Nature is also amazingly beneficial for our mental health and has been said to help relieve depression, anxiety and stress and particularly seasonal affective disorder. Our natural world is incredibly beautiful and textile. The variety of smells, sounds and sights are stimulating and invigorating. A simple walk outside can be it’s own form of meditation. Disconnect from the chaos and find serenity in the beauty and awe of your surroundings. Reconnect your body with the ground and kick off those shoes to feel the wonderful effects of cool grass and soft sand.

Sometimes the solutions to our health and happiness are simple ones, so head outside and start reaping the benefits!

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