How do I…Spend Christmas alone?


meet-three-people-who-will-spend-christmas-aloneChristmas is the time of joy and deep reflection, so if you happen to know that you’ll be spending that day on your own, don’t be too upset. You are perfectly capable of enjoying stuff on your own, having holiday fun and reflecting upon your actions, goals and ideas even if there’s nobody else around. Actually, the magic of Christmas will only assist you with your own mindfulness and spirituality.

Start your day with a good breakfast
This is not only your day off, but Christmas day as well. Therefore, you deserve something special to get you moving and energized for the rest of your day. Check out some of the Sydney’s best restaurants and splurge a little on great food and atmosphere that will warm you up right from the start.

Visit interesting places
Why not do something that you constantly overlook every other day of a year? For example, Taronga Zoo is open for visitors on Christmas and if you love animals, this will be a great way to spend some quality time. What’s more, there are many Christmas cruises specially organized for small groups of individuals who want to enjoy a good meal and sunset on a boat. This might involve some preplanning, but definitely check out various places that you can go to on Christmas day, and make it fulfilling and fun.

Hit the town
Experiencing the town is completely different when there are Christmas decorations all over the place. No town or city is an exception, so wherever you happen to be, take your camera with you and get ready for a thoroughly new insight on how magical even a town you spent your whole life in can be when you take a good look. You can easily make use of inflatable water loungers and stop to relax somewhere nice and beautiful.It’s all about you
b34ff4a4-d9ae-4ff9-bc0c-f32f291f98ffBeing alone on a Christmas Day means that you can do absolutely anything that makes you happy. It’s practically a day made only for you. In that respect, you can plan it to the last detail and spend it having a blast for your soul and mind. If you want to go somewhere, then get a move on. If you want to spend all day at home pampering yourself with a nice book and drink, there’s nothing stopping you. Literally, your options are endless and, when you think about it, spending Christmas alone can be the absolute best thing ever.

Enjoy the nightlife
If you crave some company and wild fun, you should also know that you’re definitely not the only one being alone at Christmas. And because of that, clubs are full of people dancing and drinking and enjoying themselves. So why not join in?
Not many people get the luxury of having a whole day for themselves, let alone a magical day such as Christmas. So, listen to what your heart desires the most and fill this day up with food for the soul.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Emma Lawson Check out more of Emma’s articles on her blog

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