How to Set up a Home Yoga Studio


While a lot of people around the world practice yoga, a surprising amount of them think of it as nothing more than a form of physical exercise. This is because most people just focus on the poses (asanas) while completely neglecting the spiritual side of this physical art form, the so-called 8 limbs of yoga. The eight limbs are about using yoga to change your attitudes and way of thinking.
Setting up a home yoga studio provides an easily accessible sanctuary and a way to find spiritual bliss without having to leave the house. Here are few hints on how to set up a home yoga studio that might help in this quest.

Keeping the Place Neat

The very art of yoga represents order in both the physical world and in our minds. For this reason, the space you designate as a yoga studio needs to be uncluttered. Keep the place clean, remove all clutter, and make sure to remove anything that may cause a distraction.

Natural Light Influx

No matter how expensive the lighting system you have, humans respond best to natural light. This is why the alignment of the room and the size of the windows should be such to allow the maximum natural influx of daylight. That’s also the reason you should always pick a room without pillars or other structural elements that may obstruct the flow of light.

Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat

The foremost thing you would have to do when equipping your yoga studio is finding the perfect mat. Here, however, you need to think about a lot of factors like the texture and the material that it is made from. Additionally, you need to think about the thickness, which usually depends on the warmth and hardness of your floor, and even eco-friendliness. Since yoga tends to provide interconnectedness with our environment, eco-friendliness bears special significance.

Meditation-Friendly Area

Finally, one of the most important things about your yoga studio is that you realise it is not the place where you are supposed to stretch and exercise, but your own personal sanctuary. This is a place that should allow you to escape from the physical (material) world and into the realm of thoughts and your own contemplations. In order to achieve this, you need to decorate the area with the items which have a calming effect on you.
Sometimes, this means installing a potent audio system and playing calming music or chanting while meditating. In other situations, it means something more traditional like lighting up scented candles or incense sticks. All in all, you have several options and acquiring affordable homewares online or at yard sales should be a piece of cake. Finally, even creating your own indoors jungle may work.
As you can see, instead of preparing a place for an exercise, setting up a home yoga studio should mean creating a place where you can expand your consciousness. Here, you will be able to penetrate the deepest meaning of yoga and really get to know yourself and the world around you. After all, this is what you were aiming for all along.

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