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The new heroin? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night. Apparently perfectly legal prescription drugs are causing a spike in overdoses in Australia. GPs are under pressure to provide quick fix medications for chronic pain sufferers so drugs like Oxycodone, MS Contin and Endone which used to be prescribed only for cancer patients, are now being regularly prescribed for patients with chronic pain. In the last eight years, there have been 465 deaths from accidental overdose, and the most common victim is the middle aged person with chronic pain accidentally overdosing on tablets.

According to Queensland Health’s Dr Jeremy Hayllar, Oxycodone is one and a half times stronger than heroin.  It’s effects are exacerbated by other depressants like alcohol and valium. When actor Heath Ledger died in New York, his body tested positive for drugs including oxycodone, valium and xanax.

While chronic pain sufferers still may require medication, addiction to prescription drugs is no way to live.

Psychologists can provide pain management techniques such as Mindfulness based therapy to help clients deal with pain.

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