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Online Counselling with Psychologist Nathan Brooks

Are you in need of professional counselling, but you are time poor? Or perhaps you have transport problems, making attending a clinic during working hours difficult? If that’s the case for you, you might want to consider online counselling – something made possible these days by Skype and the wonders of modern technology!

What can online counselling do for me?

Counselling with a professional psychologist can be a beneficial treatment for numerous emotional and mental health issues – including depression, grief and loss, pain management, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, relationship difficulties, addictions, trauma, abuse, criminal offending, as well as improving life skills and building resilience and inner strength.

However, not everyone can attend a clinic at a time that is convenient. The beauty of online counselling is that it allows those that need help to be available after hours, including mothers at home, students, or those who can’t get time off during the day, for example, to access the treatment they require.

Evidence of the benefits of counselling

Talk therapies, such as counselling, have been shown to establish new neural pathways in the brain, enabling patients to think differently and make new choices, according to the University of Queensland.

Online counselling with Nathan Brooks

Nathan Brooks is a professional counsellor with The Mind Centre in Varsity Lakes Queensland. He has a wide range of clinical experience with adults, youth and children, including providing treatment for depression, anger, addictions and post- traumatic stress disorder.

He has had particular experience in working with young offenders, and is developing programs for building resilience and emotional intelligence in children and young people.


If you would like more information on online counselling with Nathan, see The Mind Centre website, or phone 07 5608 4148 / email Please note that Medicare rebates are available by obtaining a referral from your GP.

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