Mindfulness Meditation

Tree_of_half_lifeWe’ve all done it. You drive in your car for half an hour, get somewhere, but can’t remember the journey. Your mind has been wandering for the entire car trip. Most people complain they are constantly distracted, can’t think straight, and have too many thoughts going on in their heads. That’s why most people are not really living where they are supposed to be – the present. We’re too caught up thinking about the future or the past!

So what’s the solution?   Mindfulness.

Mindfulness involves 3 things:

  1. Attention and focus
  2. Living in the moment, the here and now, and not being distracted
  3. Being non- judgemental

Usually we don’t really see what is in front of us because we are caught up in a series of thoughts and concepts that we allow to cloud what is real. We spend most of our lives reacting to mental images that are really just illusions, believing that they assist us with our self concept. Mindfulness allows us to let go of the ego and see things as they really are.

Mindfulness involves paying attention purposefully without judging what is in front of you. It needs to be cultivated over time and meditation is a great tool used to do this.

  • Living Freedom Retreat

    Gunnebah Retreat Centre

    by John Barter

          1. John-Barter-Meditation-Processed
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