Making Positive Choices for Daily Happiness


The grass may always be greener when we view our friends and colleagues success and overall happiness in life. But a lot of this has little to do with tangible things and a lot to do with attitude. Happiness is not a destination to be reached, but a way of life to be embraced!

Making some changes to the way your approach everyday can help completely alter your view.

Have a morning routine

Wake up with enough time to get ready without rushing and stress. It can help by preparing the necessities like clothing, what to take to work and kids schoolbags and lunches the night before instead.

Set intentions for the day

Whether its tasks to be achieved or personal pursuits, have an idea about how you will spend you’re time today.

Be mindful

When you find your thoughts wandering gently bring them back to your present surroundings. Spending your time less in a daze of daydreams and worry allows you to be more productive, centred and able to appreciate the good moments. Daily meditation can help you practice mindfulness and clear your mind.

Avoid long commutes

Hours spent in traffic or on crowded public transport can be soul sucking, seriously! It can make the world of difference to live closer to work, university or schools.

Surround yourself with positive people

Whilst we all need to vent sometimes or our friends may be going through difficult periods, try to avoid relationships or conversations that constantly breed on negativity whether it be self-hate or gossip and degrading of others. Hate and negativity in all its forms will bring down and will never lead you to happiness

Love yourself

Take pride in your appearance, speak positively to yourself and take the time everyday to do something you enjoy or that expresses you.


Take time every day to be grateful. If you’ve got a roof over your head, clean water and food your already richer than a large proportion of the world’s population. Learn to be grateful for the family and friends you have, for the beautiful sunshine on a warm day, or that delicious chocolate muffin your eating!


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