Letting Go of Hate: Part 2 – Generalised Hate


We like to think we’ve reached a much more tolerant and accepting society than in the past. However, racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia (just to name a few) are very real forces in society. Generalised Hate, directed at a group or persons that represent a certain image or ideal often can be damaging not only to the people you interact with, but to your own health and happiness.

Harbouring hate can only cause to generate negativity and dissatisfaction whatever it’s motivation. If you find yourself feeling generalised hate try to find and understand the root of your unhappiness. Often hate can be an an externalisation of inner problems; the person may be looking for someone to blame or to project their insecurities on. Or it can come from a lack of understanding and connection or personal experience. For example hate against the opposite gender can occur from poor past relationships or experiences such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, rejection or isolation.

In cases of generalised hate often the perceived impact of the group is exponentially greater than the actual impact. It becomes a festering point of all our minor frustrations and annoyances manifesting into one tangible direction for our anger. The media and politicians love to capitalise on this to make money from scandal, distract attention or promote their own causes.

Generalised hate can impact our everyday interactions in society and surrounds us in negative energy. It can never result in any sort of happiness and there is no end point to how far you might let it consume your life. If you need to let go of hate today try to remember the following:

  • Understand where your hate originates.
  • Be mindful of what messages you take in from the media and question its truthfulness.
  • Monitor your feelings of hate; When they are most likely to occur and what other negative factors have occurred recently although seemingly unrelated.
  • Don’t exaggerate. When you find your mind dwelling on and escalating a minor issue remind yourself of its unimportance in the grand scheme of things.
  • Accept and understand that a persons actions does not represent a group as a whole. Each individual makes they’re own choices. Just as your actions do not represent your whole gender, race or sexuality give others the same benefit.

Lastly, let go! Why exert so much time and energy and ill will that could be spent on enjoying life and spreading positivity!

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