3 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2020


It’s a new year and new decade, and it’s the time we all look back to see what we’ve achieved. Many of us will be patting ourselves on the back, but many of us will be feeling a little despair or frustration at not having achieved what we had thought we would. It can be hard to stay motivated if that’s the case so here are 3 tips on how to keep up your motivation and keep sight of your goals:

1. Have a reason / purpose to do something : Ask yourself ‘Why?’: Why do I have to do this? When you know your purpose you can change your narrative. For example, ‘I’ve got to workout / finish a project / reply to emails today’  becomes ‘I ‘get’ to work out / finish a project / reply to emails today’.

2. Break the activity down into simple small steps. Is this thing you have to do unclear or overwhelming? Don’t overthink it. Take the activity and break it down into super small steps that are do-able. This will give you clarity. What is the simplest thing you could do to start achieving the job at hand? For example, to workout, it may be putting on your shoes. 

3. Keep up your energy. Try the following:

 Eat brain foods e.g blueberries, olive oil, fish, walnuts etc. 

 Try to think positive thoughts. Negative thoughts sap your energy. 

 Do physical exercise. 

 You may need supplementation if your diet is lacking. 

 Spend time with energetic people. 

 Clean and de-clutter your environment. 

 Get enough sleep. 

 Protect your brain by paying attention to what’s in your environment e.g. quality of light, fresh air, music. 

 Keep mentally fit by learning new things. 

 Reduce stress with deep, conscious breathing.

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