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Even if you love your job, your family, your life, you can still become stale. It’s confusing when you feel you’re aligned with your values and you know you’re on the right path, but you’re still procrastinating.

Sometimes you just get tired, especially when the path is a long one and it requires a lot of work. Don’t give up your vision. You just need to reboot and keep going. Here’s a few suggestions to help.

Start the work day in a good mood

Sounds simple right? It’s not so easy when you’ve just had a fight with the kids trying to get them to school on time, you feel unsupported by your partner, you’re late for work (again!) and you forgot to eat breakfast in the rush. It requires conscious effort to chose to be in a good mood in these circumstances. But you have to stay positive to live your vision through to fruition. When you get in the car / bus / train / ferry, listen to your favourite music. It nearly always helps. If not music, then guided meditations or favourite podcasts. Say your positive mantras or positive affirmations to yourself. Even if you are not consciously convinced, your subconscious is listening over time. Eat your breakfast or drink your coffee mindfully even if it is in the car or on public transport. Taste every delicious mouthful. And be grateful. Practising gratitude will inevitably turn any negativity around. You can always find something to be grateful for.

Know your energy peaks and troughs

Build your routine around those peaks and troughs. Most people have more energy in the morning and suffer the 3pm slump. Arrange your workday accordingly. Mid-afternoon, for example, might be the best time to do the more tedious tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking.

Peaks and troughs also occur throughout the week and over time. If seasons affect you, be aware of when that starts. For example, you may have to cocoon more in winter and work on more solitary projects.

Work in intervals like athletes do interval training

Don’t work longer than 90 minutes at a time. Get up. Stretch. Go outside and take some deep breaths. Drink some water. Eat.

Know what type of goals you are pursuing

Are they ‘Performance Goals’ or ‘Learning Goals’? That is, are you aiming at a goal that enhances something you already do or know, or are you aiming to produce something entirely new? Once you know you can plan how to achieve those goals better.

Share your knowledge with others

Apart from being able to learn by teaching, sharing helps you realise how much you already know and how far you have come. Great for the self-esteem which can in-turn help motivate you.

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