Getting help for addictions


Getting help for addictions.

On hearing the word ‘addiction’, it’s likely that many of us immediately think of drugs. However, this is a very narrow picture of reality, and it’s important to recognise that it’s possible to be addicted to just about anything – from drugs, to alcohol, sex, food, cigarettes, gambling, and even the internet.

What exactly is an addiction?

According to one dictionary reference, an addiction is a state of “being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma”. In many cases, the very thing the person is addicted to may not be harmful in itself, but their use of it has reached a harmful level.

People form addictions for all kinds of reasons – including trauma, distress, grief, poverty, or to provide an escape from an extremely difficult situation.

Treatment for addictions.

Addictive behaviours are complex, and there are no simplistic solutions or one-size- fits-all treatments. In treating addictions it’s important to focus not only on the symptoms, but also on the underlying causes, which can range from stress and pressure to neglect, abuse and trauma. With this in mind, efforts to go cold turkey may not always be the best approach, as this can cause more distress on top of the existing problem.

As such it’s important that psychological counselling or other therapeutical treatments are provided to deal with the deeper issues. Treatment approaches include counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive or behavioural therapies, and mind therapies such as meditation, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy. In some cases, specialist help may be required to deal with criminal behavioural issues. Medication may also be needed to help the subject deal with substance withdrawal.

Finding treatment in Queensland

For more information on treatment for addictions, please contact The Mind Centre in Varsity Lakes Queensland on 07 5608 4148 / email, or see The Mind Centre website.

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