Enhancing your Relationships through Counselling.


Enhancing your Relationships through Counselling.

The stresses and busy-ness of modern life can sometimes mean that our important relationships can end up suffering from neglect, poor communication, resentment or other issues. Counselling can be an effective treatment for relationship problems, and it may even be beneficial for enhancing already-healthy relationships.

Good relationships are marked by respect, communication, honesty, trust, supportiveness, flexibility, spending time together, attention, fun, and enjoyment. Sometimes one of more of these attributes may be lacking, causing long-term problems to develop if the issues are not dealt with. Problems can include anger, resentment, cheating or infidelity, along with a loss of trust, potentially leading to relationship or family breakdown.

Counselling for relationship issues

Relationship counselling is not only for committed couples. It can also be useful for those contemplating marriage or starting a family, for issues with parents or children, or even for those who are going through separation and divorce and who want to do so in a way that has minimum negative impact. Issues covered can include anything from communication issues and sexual problems, to dealing with loneliness and managing interpersonal conflict. Counselling can also be beneficial for friendships, or for work colleagues or other relationships.

It’s important to note that counsellors do not tell clients what to do, but enable and empower them to find solutions to their own problems in a safe and non-judgemental environment. A qualified professional counsellor can provide advice and powerful strategies for improving the quality of relationships for their clients.

Finding relationship counselling in Queensland

The Mind Centre in Varsity Lakes Queensland has a number of psychologists and counsellors, who can provide services in relationship counselling. They also provide online counselling for those who prefer this option.

For more information, please see The Mind Centre website, or phone 07 5608 4148 / email info@themindcentre.com.au.

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Relationships_tips_for_success http://www.relationships.org.au/

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