Do You Need Help with Anger Management?


Do You Need Help with Anger Management?

Anger is a normal human emotion familiar to us all. Anger can be a response to something we find frustrating, irritating or annoying. In some cases, it can be motivating, enabling us to act to correct an unhealthy or unjust situation, or even to help us survive.

However, unmanaged, undealt-with, out-of-control anger can be damaging. It can lead to fighting, abuse, or other violent behaviour. It can damage relationships, and lead to the abuse of alcohol or drugs. Uncontrolled rage also affects the body in different ways – leading to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and digestive disturbances. On the other hand, suppressing anger, and pretending it is not there, can lead to the inner pain of anxiety or depression, or passive- aggressive behaviour patterns.

Facing your angry ‘demons’.

A first step in controlling rage is to be honest about it. Learning to face and manage strong angry emotions is vital to your mental and physical health, and wellbeing. This can be done by learning how to be assertive, rather than aggressive or overly passive. Assertiveness enables you to speak your mind, while respecting the needs and feelings of others. Professional counselling can enable you to talk honestly and openly about your true feelings in a safe and unbiased environment, and to become more assertive.

It’s important to deal with the inner emotions and not just the outer behaviour. Learning how to perceive situations in a new light, and to think differently, can be very beneficial for anger management. Tools for this include deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, cognitive therapies, guided imagery, and hypnotherapy. Humour is another tool that can help diffuse anger and get things in perspective.

For more information on help for anger management, please contact The Mind Centre in Varsity Lakes Queensland on 07 5608 4148 / email, or see The Mind Centre website. Medicare rebates may apply.

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