Child Abuse Treatments


Treatment for Trauma Resulting from Child Sexual Abuse

With the Federal Government’s recent announcement of a Royal Commission into church abuse and other institutional abuse of children, the need for abuse victims to get effective help for the resulting mental and emotional trauma is in the spotlight. It’s well known that, if not dealt with properly, the trauma resulting from abuse suffered during childhood can profoundly impact a victim’s wellbeing into adulthood, and even old age.

Facts about child sexual abuse

Many people are concerned about stranger danger, but in the majority of cases, child sexual abuse is committed by someone who is known and trusted by the victim. The sexual abuse may be accompanied by emotional abuse and manipulation, including threats of other forms of physical abuse if the child tells someone what is happening. Abused children often feel ashamed, or even to blame for the abuse, which makes it extremely difficult for them to speak out about it – even as adults.

Symptoms of sexual abuse

Signs that someone has suffered sexual abuse can include regressive behaviour, depression, self-harm, mood swings, aggression and withdrawal. Some victims may have repressed memories of the childhood trauma, and are not able to recall it without help.

Treatment for victims

It’s never too late for adults who have been sexually abused as children to get help. Counselling and other therapies, such as meditation and hypnotherapy, can assist patients to overcome the mental and emotional trauma of abuse.

The Mind Centre in Varsity Lakes Queensland provides psychological and mind therapies for childhood trauma, and other mental health and emotional issues.

For more information, please see The Mind Centre website, or phone 07 5608 4148 / email


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